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Domenico Vacca writes his own west side story

When you first enter Domenico Vacca’s new showplace at 15 West 55th Street, which opens its doors to the public on Monday, April 18, you may wonder where the fabulous men’s clothes are: those beautifully hand-tailored pieces that make you feel just like a movie star (for example, Daniel Day-Lewis, who wore one of Vacca’s tuxedos on the Oscar red carpet).

Rest assured: they can be found in the back of the ground level (in a gorgeously conceived and decorated room) and hanging upstairs at this amazing, two-story 16,000-square-foot emporium. And, to be fair, the clothes are really just part of the whole Vacca equation.

The store, a major expansion from his former Fifth Avenue flagship, will also house Vacca’s first-ever eyewear line, a glorious array of accessories (many in his signature alligator skin), a new fragrance line for both genders, and pieces from Vacca’s new tableware collection. Not to mention, there’s an exquisite espresso bar (with the drinks being made by specially trained baristas utilizing Italy’s finest Rancillo machine), magnificently appointed grooming salons for men and women, and even a massage-manicure treatment room that can be used by either gender, all of which don’t even require you to look at even one piece of clothing. That’s right: anyone can simply step off the street and take advantage of these services.

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