IN CROWD: Domenico Vacca Flagship Opening

Legendary Italian menswear designer Domenico Vacca celebrated the grand opening of his new flagship destination this Tuesday - a 10-story building off Fifth Avenue. When we say it is a one-stop shop, we are not exaggerating. Mens suiting, loafers in every color and sunglasses  are just the start of the new space. Vacca tells us that he wanted to combine all of his locations into one super-size store filled with everything he's ever imagined of doing. The Italian espresso bar, mens salon, rooftop terrace, and a  bespoke atelier to pick out your own fabrics are just some of the features of the new space. Every product is made in Italy, carefully selected by Vacca himself. His company is his namesake, and unlike other designers, he is there for every step of the process. When a guest asked him why he hasn't gotten into home decor yet, he answered, "If I don't feel like I have an idea in my head to do it, I won't do something just to do it. For 15 years, people have asked me to do sunglasses and just last year, I found an Italian factory that makes glasses the 'old school way' with the utmost craftsmanship. If I do just 'to do it' then it won't work."


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